Mar 26, 2017

The Chris Silvio Show Presents: Tha Hustle Podcast Ep 1 ft/ Mike Mondo and the owner of Pro Wrestling 2.0 Alex Porteau

The Chris Silvio Show returns for Season 3 with a brand new format, Tha Hustle Podcast! This series is dedicated to the men and women around the world hustling on the independent scene, and the fans who support them. On this weeks show, Mike Mondo talks about training in the wrestling business, how to talk to promoters, and his incredible career resurgence this year on WWE Smackdown Live. We also hang out with the Owner of Pro Wrestling 2.0, 30 year veteran Alex Porteau as he gets ready for his biggest show of the year, Legends and Heroes March 28th live from Orlando Florida. We talk news for Wrestlemania weekend and give a run down of some of the events taking place in or around Orlando Florida. You will also hear some pretty sweet cameos from our friends of the show. Enjoy. Keep hustling my friends.


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Jun 12, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2EP11 NXT Takeover Review

The gang is all here this week on the Show of Shows! The Package's ban has been lifted as he under delivers in his facebook news segment, but he manages to redeem himself with chips and beer. Lucy of The Blossom Twins, helps run down NXT Takeover and we share our thoughts on the show. We welcome producer of Season 1, B2K Ben Kirk back to the program.  Tune in, drop out!


May 29, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2EP10 w/ Marty Jones

This week on The Show of Shows British wrestling legend Marty Jones is in the house. Hear about the revered World of Sport program, working with Andre The Giant, breaking into the business under Billy Robinson, ribs, and so much more. We also cover this week's wrestling news including AJ Styles, Ric Flair vs Cary Silkin, Global Force Gold and the Richocet/Ospreay controversy. Another great show with a true pioneer of UK wrestling! Enjoy!


May 23, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2EP9 w/ Wrestlezone’s Bin Hamin

This week on The Show of Shows, Wrestlezone's Bin Hamin is back to discuss the New Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission, TNA, 2CW, and near death experiences. We cover all of the controversy surrounding wrestling  in Kentucky, whacky rules, Damien Sandow and a lot more.  In other news, Chris has a 13 hour broadway with Window's 10. Its yo mama's favorite podcast, The Chris Silvio Show! Enjoy!


May 15, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2EP8 W/ TNA’s Rockstar Spud

On this week's fabulous edition of the Show of Shows, TNA's Rockstar Spud is live, hilarious, and British AF. We talk about getting his big break in America, share some rated R stories, and assorted wrestling awesomeness.  Also Chris Silvio delivers some news, talks about crazy indie wrestling spots, and drinks several beerseses. More fun than the town floozy, it's the world famous Chris Silvio Show!  Enjoy!


Catch Rockstar Spud each and every week on Impact Wrestling on Pop TV!


May 1, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2EP7 with Jamin Olivencia

This week on the Show of Shows our friend Jamin Olivencia joins the show to share some awesome stories and talk about The Channeling Erik Tour. In other news, we pound some Corona, share hilarious wrestling blunders and a "near death" experience with a sting ray.  Also semi regular co-host Package Chris Sharpe runs a Buddhist 5K and then eats pizza.  Enjoy!


Apr 18, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2E6 with Chris “Package” Sharpe and Momma O

This week on the Show of Shows, it's a family tradition. Momma O makes her podcast debut to share crazy stories (alleged stories) about Chris Silvio. In other news, The Package begins a spiritual pilgrimage, and we talk wrestling conspiracy theories and just general nonsense,


Apr 10, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show w/ Michael Hayes

Its the show of shows b**ch!  Silvio and The Package hang out with Michael Hayes, talk some wrestling and find out once and for who is the nerdiest? Have fun and go hard in the paint!


Mar 27, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show S2 Ep 4 “Totally Awesome 14 year Anniversary Special” ft TNA Producer Paredyse James Long

The Show of Shows is off the hook this week as we celebrate the 14 year anniversary of Totally Awesome, Chris Silvio and Paredyse James Long. 14 years ago two young crazy bastards started on a professional wrestling journey and on this weeks show we share some hilarious and special moments from our respective careers. Hear about wrestling for 10 bucks and a hot dog, North Carolina riots, botched blood tank matches and so much more. My buddy Dave (pronounced Dabe) the self professed 95% know it all makes his debut on the Chris Silvio Show. We are joined once again by semi regular co-host the Package who had one too many Carlsbergs on last weeks show. Have some fun with some great people as we celebrate 14 years of Fn Awesome!


Mar 20, 2016

The Chris Silvio Show Season 2 Episode 3 ft/ Beautiful Ben & The Blossom Twins Lucy and Kelly

On this weeks show, Chis Silvio and special guest co-host Package Chris Sharpe talk about the awesomeness of Florida, legal weeds, government conspiracies, and Hulk's Hogan. Baby Daddy Benny does a live demonstration and this weeks guests The Blossom Twins stop by to sing some Karaoke and talk about twinning! You don't want to miss the hottest show round town, its the bloody Show of Shows!


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